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(Q) What is the “aerobic treatment process”?

 The ATU (aerobic treatment unit) is a process of treating sewage effluent with a combination of bacteria and introducing oxygen. Most of Oklahoma's ATUs also have a chlorination process that is completed before entering into the disbursement field.

(Q) Is the water coming from my sprinklers safe for my children and/or pets?

 If the system is properly maintained, most systems should have 93%-97% pure water coming from them. Although this is the case, we recommend staying away from the sprinklers during operation.

Examples of Failed Systems
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(Q) Why should my system be checked?

Studies have shown that there is a higher risk of contracting diseases such as diphtheria and Escherichia coli (E. coli) from being in contact with untreated sewage.

(Q) Why does my system smell?

In most cases, odor coming from an ATU indicates the system has not been serviced correctly. This is a good time to call a professional aerobic systems contractor like Eastern Oklahoma Aerobic Systems to remedy the problem.

(Q) Why is my alarm sounding and what does it mean?

 There are several possibilities to set off an alarm. The main two are:
             1. The tank is full (effluent pump has failed) and sewage is backing up to your home.
             2. The aerator is not functioning properly causing the effluent to be released and not to be treated.

If an alarm sounds, you should call Eastern Oklahoma Aerobic Systems to service your system.

(Q) How often should I have my septic pumped and/or cleaned?

For a family of four, we have found a good average is every 18-24 months, depending on usage.

(Q) Is it ok to use my garbage disposal with my system?

Most systems will accommodate a garbage disposal with minimum and proper usage.

(Q) Should I add anything (yeast, Rid-X, etc.) to my system to help keep it going?

 In most cases, we have found that humans' natural bacteria is enough to keep the system bacteria alive.

(Q) Can I use strong cleaners in my home?

 Strong cleaners such as bleach kill the system's bacteria, causing more frequent pumping and cleaning.

(Q) How often should I have my septic system serviced?

 Both the state of Oklahoma and most major brands of aerobic systems recommend that the system be serviced by a professional certified technician every six months.

Eastern Oklahoma Aerobic Services offers annual service contracts to our customers to assist them in the proper maintaining of their systems.

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